Thursday, October 15, 2009


Hello lovely People,
Just a quick note to thank you all for your support at the Tree Tops Studio events over
this past year. It's been quite a ride and it was all finished off in style last Saturday with supurb set from Karen Hunter as well as a great performance from SL Macombee & the Absolute Truth.
Our individual thanx go out to B, Claire, Kofi, Thomas, Tiara ,Jenifer and everyone else who has made Tree Tops a special thingumybob.

Sarah says... Put your hands in the air. Sarah says...All stand up.

Sarah Says... Turn your hands into shovels Everyone get on stage! Ha, Ha didn't say Sarah Says!
Thanx to Gus, for photos check out

Thanx to Oren, for filming the event stay tuned for video footage coming to a computer near you soon.
No But seriously thanx to everyone it's been a ball. (Hey thats not a bad idea!)

Love to one and all, See you at a new venue sometime soon!


Friday, October 2, 2009

Contemporary Folk/Rock Infused with Dirty Jazz Grooves...Anyone?

Ok, so the cat is well and truly out of the bag! In Our last post we let you know that we intended to go out on a high at Tree Tops Studio, well the bar just got raised to new Olympic Record kinda height.
At our last show on the 10th October we will not only be featuring SL Macombee & the Absolute Truth (a full 10 piece band) it will now also include the one and only Karen Hunter on the bill. 'Hunter's work can be described as contemporary folk/rock infused with dirty jazz grooves' states a quote from Karen's web-site with which I would concur all though we feel her sound is not that simply pigeon-holed.

Songwriting this good can not be faked. Ripitup

Included below is part of Karen's Biography for your indulgence. Please

check out her website at to discover what a privilege it is for us to add her name to

the bill.

Káren Hunter first appeared on the Aucklan
d music scene in the early 90’s with an original style of blues-based acoustic funk and a voice described in the NZ Herald as ‘one of the most sensuous in the country’.

With over twenty years performing experience Hunter's fifth

album “Rubble” was released through Monkey Records in March 2007 and she supported this release with an extensive 48 date national tour. Hunter also played several festivals throughout the summer of 2008 including the Christchurch Jazz Festival, Jazz in the Park (Auckland City), Festival of Light, Parihaka, (Taranaki) & Prana (Coromandel)

Hunter's work can be described as contemporary folk/rock infused with dirty jazz grooves. Hunters primary instruments are vocals and acoustic guitar, however thanks to her ‘loop’ pedal, live shows also include 'found' percussion, backing vocals, bass and vocal harmoniser. Hunter creates rhythmic backing tracks 'on the fly' and encourages audiences to participate with heckling and occasional finger clicks.

Hunter toured Australia's East Coast from Tasmania to Brisbane in 2003 as part of a reciprocal tour deal with local folk artist and Australian festival favourite Penelope Swales. Hunter has performed alongside Australian festival favourites Tiddas, Blue and Fruit and also played at Melbourne's Frankston Guitar Festival in 2004.

Karen appeals to an audience of jazz enthusiasts and fans of storytelling folk music alike. She has an informal yet professional on-stage manner which works very well in cabaret noir, festival stage or concert atmospheres. Renown as a dynamic and engaging live act has earned Karen Hunter several international supports including Ani Difranco, Roger McGuinn and Suzanne Vega,

email us for venue details contact

PS. we will be finishing off the evening with some sweet tunes from funky DJ's.