Thursday, October 28, 2010

Macombee & the Absolute Truth

Hello Most Lovely People,
It's been along time!...So long in fact that I've clean forgotten how to drive this thing, so bear with me. We thought it was time to dust off the dancing shoes and get busy with the emails and get some shows organised so what better place to start than close to home!

Yes indeedy Pop Pickers... 

& the Absolute Truth
are something to behold. A 9 piece line up with such an array of songs and sounds it's virtually impossible to pin them down

Macombee describes her sound as alternative, cabaret: showtime punk.

Live at Unleash Fashion Show

"an unflinchingly direct, bracingly honest, wholly entertaining show" 
Oh yes it's all shaping up to be one hell of a weekend with very special guests the 2am Orchestra on the Friday Night here's what the people are saying...

"Frankly, there are moments on this album that are just beautiful. The band seems to lean heavily toward creativity and poetry, mixing acoustic orchestral elements with rock elements. This album has made me want to become a permanent follower of 2a.m. Orchestra." (

"...a myriad of bells and whistles that brandishes that sort of eclectic style that Radiohead does so well... Often their tracks have a brooding orchestration that makes you think it's a {movie} score rather than an album... Great album!" (Smother Magazine,

"The sound of Impermanence possess an almost "indie rock opera sound."(

then on Saturday night Macombee & the Absolute Truth
will be joined by the now near legendary
Printable Reality Inc who will delight and divide with a combination of eclectic arts based performance it would give a Naz Nomad nightmares.

Remember to vote for Macombee & the Absolute Truth  to play at this years Big Day Out Festival click on the following link,197309, Put your tick next to Macombee & The Absolute Truth - Niagra Falls
The 5 most popular demos will be played on Breakfast from October 22 to 26 and then be given to the Lords of the Big Day Out to go head-to-head with other national finalists. BDO will announce the winner along with the 3rd Announce on December 1st!