Saturday, July 11, 2009

If you had 15 mins to fill the Dancefloor what would you play?

Hello Everybody Peeps,
It's been a while coming but there's some new ideas starting to formulate (with the emphasis on the late) As our glorious stand here at Tree Tops draws to an inevitable end, we have started to pursue alternative arrangements to see that the Tree Tops name continues to be put to good use. To this end we will be focusing on promoting shows, club nights and parties at alternative venues in the area and eventually further afield.
To get tha ball rollin' we would like to invite you to experiment with a new club night called "Desert Island Decks" the idea for this night is that everyone brings to the venue with them there 3/4 favourite Floor Fillas ever in the whole world (well if your anything like me It'll be your fav' tunes in the last 5 mins) when you get to the venue (before 8.00pm) you put your newly created DJ name(s) on the list and you get allocated a 15 min time slot. You can Dj by yourself or in small groups. The emphasis here is not on your DJing skills, in fact we actively discourage them! Anyone caught being too fancy and mixing or scratching may be asked to leave! It is about playing your favourite tunes and having a good time. We will figure out the winners on the night by means of the most democratic means known to mankind....Yes it's the clap-o-meter.

So here's a quick recap, with bullet points;
  1. Think of your 3 or 4 favourite tunes, bring them on C.D.'s and /or an I-pod. (not all on the same disk). Or email us your choices in advance at
  2. Get to the venue and register before 8pm, put your newly invented DJ name(s) on the list.
  3. Have a drink and something to eat and DANCE while everyone else entertains you.
  4. Have your 15 minutes of fame.
  5. Bask in the glory of your superstar DJ status and field questions as to why you picked the beast tunes that had everyone shaking their thang!
So there you have it your new 5 step programme to health and happiness.

What you should do (NOW) to get a head start on the rest of the field please is email us with your DJ name(s) and 15min of tunes so we can set you up with a time slot and guarantee you get to play your first choice selection. Should you chose the same tunes as someone who has already been confirmed you will be asked for a second choice.

Please note in this new venue, The Old Wine Cellar, Corban Estate Arts Centre, 426, Great North Road, Henderson we will be providing a bar and food for sale, there is ample parking on site and the Door charge will be $10.00 each. Open at 7.30pm.

We apologise for the short notice and hope to see you all there. Please tell as many people as you can and if you have a mailing list, My Space, Facebook, Twitter, etc, please don't hesitate to post these details.


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